So I’m in Italy and I’ve been reading lots including TLOS 3 and I just WAAAAAAAAAH


Hello my peers.

((I’m never saying that again))

Tomorrow, I’ll go to Italy for a few weeks. I won’t queue posts. I might have wifi and of course, I’ll use it then, but I probably won’t check my inbox and tracked tags unless necessary.

I will probably tag my posts with “ciao from italy” or something similar.



Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans Gives Perfect Response To Horror Of MH17

Amid the recriminations and blame that has descended into a Cold War of words between Russia and the West over the downing of flight MH17, the victims have been robbed of their dignity, laid bare in this powerful speech by the Dutch Foreign Minister.

Pausing at times to contain his emotion, Frans Timmermans spoke to the United Nations of his shock at the treatment of the bodies, the indignity of the news coverage, and the obfuscation of the details of the crash.

"Did they lock hands with their loved ones, did they hold their children close to their hearts?" His voice began to tremble as he continued. "Did they look each other in the eyes, one final time, in a wordless goodbye? We will never know."

Favorite outfits → Brittany Pierce


fyi if you’re a tiny child, there was a time when browsers didn’t have tabs. you just had the one window and had to open a separate window for every other page you wanted open simultaneously. it was real bad



Disney Princesses + platonic kisses

A gentle reminder that a kiss can mean many things. A kiss can be a symbol of good luck, good faith, or just to show your compassion for another. I think this is one of my favorite photo sets of some Disney ladies in a long time.


I wonder what I’ll have for breakfast tomorrow?

Maybe a hot, fresh bowl of not at Comic Con


"…his best memory was their european holiday. they were looking out at the view and they told each other they’d be friends for life."

credit for the stuart crest goes to artemismoon12 


"Sweetheart, what are you doing?" Julian asked his son, an amused smile tugging at his lips.

"Trying to…open the door…for you." The small boy huffed, shoving at the door.

"You don’t have to, love, let me—"

"No, nooo I can do it for you. I see Papa do it for you all the time but he’s not here so I’ll do it for you, Daddy."